Always Remember

It’s almost the weekend which means that Chicago models will be out and about working various events. Here are a few things to remember when working your next event.

Be early! Models are to arrive at the event dressed and ready to work. Arrive at least 15 minutes early so you can meet with your contact person and get all the information that you need for the event. Leave your house early to avoid all traffic and parking issues, there is never a valid excuse for being late.

Work! Promotions may be a different type of job but it is still a job. Chicago models are expected to be fun, outgoing, nice, helpful and beautiful. Don’t let us down by being crabby, lazy and whiny the whole time. Promotions are not always glamorous, sometimes you get rained on, sometimes it’s cold and sometimes it’s boring. Suck it up, you are getting paid a lot of money.

Don’t gossip! Do not discuss pay or the agency that you are working with and do not talk about other models working the events. Models should watch what they say. The Chicago promotional scene is not that big so watch what you say because word travels.

Directions! If you are working multiple events in one night make sure that you have the address and phone number of each event. Models should always get directions to all of the venues, it’s part of the job. Always have the contact person’s number saved in your phone.

No Drinking! Some events will have models sampling alcohol, this is not for models it is for consumers. Do not do it, it is against agency rules, against clients rules and not safe for the models. If you are leaving an event late make sure you have an escort to your car, better to be safe.

Extra Shoes! Always have a pair of comfortable shoes with you. Working in heels for hours can be painful and the first thing you will want to do after the event is change your shoes. Carry a pair of flats in your bag.

The Normal Rules! Most agencies will have models sign an agreement that says they will not swear, chew gum, talk, text or email on their cell phones ect. Just don’t do it, it is wrong for so many reasons and makes the model look like they can’t do their job. Feel free to do these things on your break.

Good Attitude! Be positive, smile, impress the client and agency and you will get booked in the future. One bad review from a client puts you on the “do not book again” list.


Have fun and make money!

Team Pink Avenue