Are You One of the Best Chicago Models??

So you say that you are a promotional model but are you one of Chicago’s most booked models? Here are 10 ways to know if you are one of the best promotional models in Chicago.

1. The best Chicago models will have a drawer at home that is filled with promotional clothing. This drawer will contain t-shirts, sweatpants, dresses, skirts and anything in between.

2. The best Chicago models will have free food and drinks in their fridge. There are tons of sampling promotions in Chicago and models get to take the product home after the event. Models can live of off the food they get from promotions.

3. The best Chicago models will also have an album on their Facebook account that is called “Work” or “Promotions“. If you have enough pictures to have an album of promotions that means that you are working a lot and may be one of Chicago’s most booked models.

4.The best Chicago models have models as friends. Models work events and trade shows and meet other models. Models know each other and know the industry. Models become your co-workers and best friends.

5. The best Chicago models will work with agencies nationwide. Models that are well known in the industry should be getting multiple job offers from multiple companies everyday. Chicago models are needed at every event so make sure that you are getting offers for anything that happens in Chicago.

6. The best Chicago models have long, detailed resumes. Some resumes are pages long, this means that you have worked a lot and agencies love to see that.

7.The best Chicago models are recognized when they go out. This means that you did a great job and people can’t forget you. This also means that you can use the “I’m a model” card for free stuff!

8. The best Chicago models will have some type of promotional items in their purse, usually chapstick or lipgloss.

9. The best Chicago models will discuss good and bad promotions with their model friends for hours. When working in promotions the models have tons to talk about such as the worst promotion ever worked, good agencies to work for, worst outfit ever worn and models that weren’t so good to work with.

10.The best Chicago models will get a tax break at the end of the year because they spent so much money on things for work such as gas, lingerie for photoshoots, hair and nails, tanning, ect.

If you can relate to all 10 of these points that means that you are one of Chicago’s favorite models! If you can’t relate to most of these this means that you have some work to do. Start sending your stuff to agencies all over the country and get your name out there. The more companies you work with the more money for you. It is finally busy season in Chicago so start working!

Team Pink Avenue