Do Your Research

There are tons of “modeling agencies” out there but do you know which ones are good to work for? Do your research before you start working with random companies, it will save you time in the long run. Here are a few ways to find the dirt on modeling agencies.

1. Ask other promotional models who they work for. Promotional models are going to have the best advice. They know what modeling agencies have treated them well and which ones they had a bad experience. Trust other models, models watch out for each other.

2. Google the company. If you find any negative reviews do not work for the modeling agency. Rip Off Report has an awesome website that goes into detail about why the modeling agency is fake, shady, and not good to work for. You can Google the modeling agency’s phone number to make sure that the number matches the companies name and address. Google is the best thing for doing research online.

3. Look at the modeling agencies website. Are the pictures real, has the site been updated, do they have a phone number and an address? If a company doesn’t display a phone number or address they don’t want you to know where they are located. If the modeling agency uses fake pictures it’s because they don’t have real models and if the site hasn’t been updated then they just don’t care. If the modeling agency doesn’t have a website then do not work for them!!

4.Every modeling agency is required to have a license. This is going to be harder to find out but it can be done. If you are not sure and can not find out if they have a license feel free to ask the modeling agency for proof.

Unfortunately there are agencies out there that have ripped girls off, paid them half of what they earned or not paid them at all. Before you get yourself into an awful situation take some time to research the company that you are going to be working for.

If you are looking for good agencies to work for go online and search for key words like Chicago modeling agencies, promotional modeling agencies, Las Vegas modeling agencies, New York modeling agencies, ect. Models can work for agencies all around the country, not just modeling agencies in their own city.

Do your research, sign up with great modeling agencies and start working. Summer is here and it is going to be a busy season!!

Team Pink Avenue