Finally We Can Wear White

Is it acceptable to wear white shoes, pants and bags before Memorial day?  I have been doing research all day and still do not have an answer.  A lot of stylists say that it is not acceptable and that it is a big fashion mistake but just as many stylists say that everyone is doing it and so should you. Memorial day was yesterday so this means that you can wear white and nobody can say anything about it. Here are a few tips while wearing white this season.

1.White pants! These are a must and every model will be wearing them all summer. Make sure that you wear nude colored underwear when wearing white pants, people should not see your underwear lines, tacky! Make sure your pants fit your body, white shows everything and isn’t the most flattering color. Male models should not wear white jeans!

2. White shoes! Models will need white pumps, wedges, sandals, flip-flops and flats. Make sure you keep your white shoes clean.

3. White tights. NEVER wear them, ever. They don’t look good on models or anyone else.

4.White looks best with bold and bright colors. You can also wear white shirts with white pants but make sure you accessorize with a metallic belt or other accessories. Too much white is not good!

Lets recap… All models must own white pants, white shoes (multiple pairs), and a cute white bag. Models should wear metallic accessories when wearing white because too much white is not good. Models should also never wear white tights and male models should never wear white jeans. Go shop, get all the white items that you need and wear them with no worries until Labor day.

Do you know if this rule still exists??

Team Pink Avenue