How to Become a Model

Are you thinking about stepping into the modeling industry? Just a warning that this is a very competitive industry and the chances of you getting rejected over and over again is very high.  A model is required to have a fit body, clear skin, and pretty hair.  Height and weight will matter too, depends on what kind of modeling you want to get into.

Anybody can technically become a model, but what kind of modeling is right for you? Runway models are 5’9” and up and really skinny with small measurements.  Plus size models are allowed to be curvy, and underwear models usually are big in the chest with small hips. If you d0n’t fit into any of these categories you can be a parts model, and of course a promotional model. The first step is finding out what category you fit into and to go from there.

The next step is getting pictures taken so you can market yourself. This is necessary to get any work in the modeling  industry. Find a photographer that you like and ask to set up a TFP shoot, chances are they may say no and you will have to pay but it is something that has to be done. Once your shoot is over pick the pictures that you like and get them printed. There will be a lot of castings that ask you to leave pictures and resumes with them so have them ready in the size of  an 8×10. Make sure that you have a headshot and a clear shot of your body. Also have a few pictures of yourself with no make up on and different angles of your face, most big agencies will ask for photos like these.

So you have figured out what kind of modeling you are interested in doing and have experienced a photoshoot or two, now it’s time to get yourself noticed. This is the hard part. It is time to do your research and to start finding agencies that can find you work. Start sending your pictures any way possible, submit your pictures online, mail them directly to the agency, call agencies and ask about open calls. Set up interviews and show these companies who you are.

Remember to always be professional, reliable and polite. Word travels in this industry and one mess up from you can ruin your reputation. Be organized and have pictures and resumes available at all times, never lie on your resume! Treat modeling like it is a real job. It is going to be hard and will take a lot of effort on your part. Good Luck!

Team Pink Avenue