Reputation is Everything

A model’s reputation is one of the most important things she can have. People talk in this industry, a lot, so make sure that they only have good things to say. A model is known to be reliable, outgoing, beautiful, smart and have an amazing personality, make sure you live up to the stereotype.

Here are a few ways to keep you reputation clean and classy.

1.Choose your photoshoots wisely. Never pose nude unless that is what you want to be known for. Once you have taken naked pictures that is all people will want from you. You should never send nude pictures to clients because they will look at you in a unprofessional way. Make sure that your portfolio is full of great headshots, nice bodyshots and pictures that show your personality. Try not to send photoshopped pictures, clients and modeling agencies are very disappointed when models don’t look like their pictures.

2. Take your job seriously. Show up to the event, show up on time dressed and ready to work. Never show up to a promotion without your hair and make up done! Clients do not appreciate when models are late to an event with a lame excuse. Yes things do happen but when you are showing up late constantly it shows that you don’t care and that you are not taking your job seriously.

3. Never pull a no-show. This will get you blacklisted from a company really fast. If you are booked by an agency or client this means that you have been chosen over other models that really want to work. You were chosen for a reason. If you can’t work or just don’t want to be smart and let the agency know so they can find a replacement. When a model doesn’t show up it ruins the event, disappoints the client and makes the agency look bad.

4. Be prepared. Make sure that you have professional pictures and an updated resume, this is how you get jobs. When you get new pictures send them to the agencies that you work for. Update your resume after every event, we want to know what you have been doing lately not what you did last year.

5.Never talk bad about a client or agency that you are working for, we will find out.

Follow these 5 steps and you will be the favorite model of every agency!

Team Pink Avenue