I know that runway modeling isn’t that common in Chicago but we do have a few shows now and then. New York and LA on the other hand have big fashion shows all the time.

Are you runway material? Runway models are known for being tall and skinny, female models are usually 5’9” and up and male models start at 5’11”. The reason for this is because designers make their clothes in one size so all of the runway models should be able to fit the line. The purpose of a runway model is to display a designers clothing line and to do it with personality.

Here are a few tips to remember before you hit the runway:

1. Look straight ahead, never make eye contact. There are going to be bright lights surrounding the stage, don’t look into them.

2.Shoulders stay back and don’t move. Practice this because it’s difficult. Female models, stick your chest out a little and lean back. Confidence is key on the runwayMale models  have it easy, remember to  walk with confidence and be relaxed.

3.The walk! It is all in the legs. The most important thing to remember is one foot in front of the other. This will make your hips sway and your arms will swing automatically. This is very important… ONE FOOT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER! Take bigger steps but make it look natural, it’s tricky.

4.Arms. As mentioned above when you are walking your arms will automatically swing. The goal here is to keep the top part of your arm still and only let the bottom part of your arm swing. This is why your shoulders can’t move. Too much swing looks bad. Again, male models have it easy, just let them swing naturally.

5.Your hands and fingers. This is important in all forms of modeling. Make sure that your hands are always showing and that your fingers are relaxed and straight. 

6. Chin down. When walking on the catwalk you are up higher than the people watching the show. For good pictures and great angles of your face lower your chin slightly.

7. Add personality! Own the catwalk, show attitude, sell the line.

Lets combine all 7 steps together to make it a little easier for you to remember. Look straight ahead, chin down, shoulders back and stiff,  chest out, one foot in front of the other, arms swinging, hands relaxed and lots of personality. Now you are a runway model too. Perfect!

Team Pink Avenue