Summer Necessities

It’s the middle of May and still not as warm as we would like it to be in Chicago but summer is coming fast. Where will all the Chicago models be this summer? The beach! Check out the trendy beach necessities that every model will have this summer.

1.Swimsuit. You can get a cute swimsuit for under $50. Try shopping at Old Navy, H&M, American Eagle or Victoria’s Secret for the best suits.

2. Sun Glasses. I recommend buying cheap glasses because glasses get lost or broken super fast. Forever 21 and Wet Seal have really cute glasses for under $10. Big sunglasses are still in.

3.Summer dress. Dresses are the easiest thing to wear in the summer and can be worn day and night. My favorite dresses are from American Eagle and Charlotte Russe. Super cute and affordable.

4. Flip flops. Sandals are a must have. They look good with jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts and swimsuits. Stock up on flip flops this summer.

5. Beach bag. Another must have. Get a bright, big bag that can carry everything you need.

6. Sunscreen. Being tan makes you feel better and look better but isn’t good for you. To avoid being sunburned use sunscreen daily. Carry a bottle in your purse.

7. Messy hair. Summer is the time where you don’t have to spend time blow drying your hair and styling it because it won’t hold. Braiding your hair or sleeping with your hair in a bun will¬†create soft, messy waves.

8. Polo Shirts. Polo shirts are in for women! Look cute and classy with this look this summer.

9.Accessories. A must have. Bracelets, headbands, small earrings and anything else you can find. Keep it minimal.

10. Clutch. This works perfect in the summer. It is small but has enough room for your credit cards, ID, money and lip gloss. Slides right on your wrist so you won’t lose it.

If you don’t have all of the beach necessities on this list go out and get them asap. Beach weather is coming soon, finally! Come hang out with Chicago models at the beach this summer, we will see you there.

Team Pink Avenue