The Glamorous Life of a Promotional Model

Promotional models are known to live a unique and easy life. Models make their own schedule, have a  job that they enjoy, get tons of free stuff, meet a lot of fun people and make good money doing it. Promotional models get to work a different event every shift at a new location promoting a new product so the job never gets boring. Sounds exciting!

Did I mention that models also get tax deductions on things like haircuts, tanning, trips to the nail salon, clothing that was bought for a trade show or photoshoot, facials, gas and so much more.  It costs a lot to look beautiful, but when you are a model that is your job and it’s required.

Being a promotional model comes with a little bit of fame. At most events you will be center of attention and everyone will want to get their pictures taken with you. Sometimes you are even asked to sign autographs. It is all part of the job. Pictures with fans end up on Facebook, Myspace, and all kinds of websites. This is a reminder that you should always look your best. Working a promotion doesn’t end there. People will recognize you so models should always be on their best behavior.

Working as a promotional model is similar to being a supermodel, in a way. Promotional models can still participate in runway shows, commercials, print ads and a lot are interested in acting as well.  The possibilities are endless, it depends on what your goals are and how hard you would like to work.

Promotional modeling sounds fabulous but there are some downfalls. The worst thing about working in the modeling industry is that you don’t usually get paid every two weeks. Some companies take months to pay and some don’t pay at all. Models have to be very careful of who they are working for. Another downfall is that models have to be happy, energetic and excited even if they are just not in the mood to be at work. It is their job to act excited about what they are doing even if they hate it they have to fake it. Models deal with harassing comments, unusual consumers and sometimes annoying people.  Being a model is sometimes hard work but it all pays off in the end.

The life of a model is  fun, crazy, hard work, and unpredictable but we love it!

Team Pink Avenue