Trade Show Reminders

We all know that a Trade Show would not be complete without a Trade Show ModelTrade Show Models are there to attract attention to the booth and company, and represent a specific client. Trade Shows are hard work, long hours and not always the most fun but they do pay well. Here are a few things to remember when working your next Trade Show.

1. Show up dressed, hair and make up done and ready to work. Always be on time. Parking at a convention is not always easy, allow time for everything you need to do before the start of the show.

2. Wear comfortable shoes because you will be standing for 8-9 hours per day. I recommend buying a cute shoe that looks professional but has a low heel. If you are allowed to wear pants wear flats, nobody will notice. Always bring a comfortable pair of shoes to wear when you are leaving the show, makes a big difference!

3. Go to bed early the night before working a trade show. Conventions start early and the hours are long. Being hungover, tired and lazy is going to make the day way longer.

4. We have all heard that models don’t eat. Totally untrue, we love food! The food options at any convention hall are very limited. You will always find a McDonalds and a pizza place but it will be over priced. You are working to make money not spend $10 dollars on pizza. Bring your own lunch, you will save money and get to eat whatever you want.

5. Remember to always smile and be happy even if you arn’t. We all have our days but you can never act negative in front of a client. It makes the model and the agency look bad. You never know who you will meet so remember to greet everyone and if they want to talk with you talk back. If someone says something inappropriate, which happens often, handle it in a mature way. Models are confident people, nothing should be offensive.

6. Remember to represent the client and the agency that you are working for the best you can. That can lead to more work for you and more work for the agency. Pink Avenue Models trusts our models and we don’t want to ever hear negative things about the models we send out. Pink Avenue Models picks the best models, models with tons of personality, beauty and intelligence.

7. Try to have as much fun as you can. Some trade shows can be very fun and exciting, some not so much. Just think of all the free stuff you get to bring home at the end. If it ever gets boring and your feet hurt and you just want to get home just think of all the money you are making and that should make you smile.

These are just a few things that I have learned in the past. If you have any other trade show tips feel free to let us know.

Team Pink Avenue