What Every Promo Model Needs

Every promotion that a model works is different but what you have to wear is usually the same. If you are involved in promotional modeling now or thinking about getting started here is a list of things that you will need to keep in your closet.

1. Khaki pants and khaki shorts. Almost all of the promotions that happen in the summer will require you to wear these. Get something cute, comfortable but affordable because you will spend a lot of time wearing them.

2. Black pants, black shorts and a short black skirt. A lot of trade shows will require models to wear black pants and a branded shirt provided by the client. Get excited when you are told to wear pants at a trade show, convention halls are always cold and pants will keep you warmer. You can also wear flat shoes if you are allowed to wear pants which is a major plus! Most bar promotions will require a short black skirt or black shorts for a more sexy look. Buy what is comfortable, sexy but no too sexy.

3. Black closed toe shoes. If models are doing an in store demo, serving food, or working an event that wants you to be very conservative and professional these shoes are mandatory.

4. White gym shoes. A lot of street team promotions will ask the models to wear all white gym shoes, make sure you have a pair of these.

5. Natural make up and glamour make up. Some clients want you to look naturally pretty and some ask you to look like you are going to a photo shoot and all glamed up. Make sure you know what looks good on you and remember if the client wants natural wear the smallest amount of make up possible. If the client asks for photo shoot or glam look keep it classy and sexy. Remember to bring a small make up bag that includes all of your necessities, especially lip gloss!

6.Nude underwear. Anytime that a model is sent to a casting or fitting she will be told to bring a nude bra and thong. Make sure you have a set that is as plain as can be and fits perfectly.

7. Black blazer. Models will be asked to wear a black blazer with a white collared shirt at a lot of trade shows. Get something that is cut for your body and fits great. Blazers don’t have to be boring, dress them up and make them look professional and sexy.

8. Big bag. All models have a big bag that they love and bring to every event, promotion, or trade show. If you don’t have one you have to get one. This is a necessity. It is a safe and clean way to store all of the stuff that you bring to the event and comes in handy when the event you are working is giving away free stuff.

If you have all of these items in your closet it is a sign that you are an awesome promotional model and that you take your job seriously, Pink Avenue Models love models like this!

Team Pink Avenue