Do You Have a Modeling Resume?

Have you noticed that most modeling agencies ask you for a resume? A promotional or modeling resume is very important in this industry. A model’s resume shows modeling agencies and clients what you have done in the past. Make sure that you have a great resume before you send it out. A model’s resume should include:

Stats. Make sure your resume has your height, weight, measurements (chest, waist, hips), and age. You could include eye color and hair color but this isn’t as important.

Contact Information. Have your email address and phone number on your resume. You can skip putting your address on there for safety reasons. A lot of models get work from Craigslist and other sites that are not as safe.

Work history. Model’s do this differently and there is no correct way to do it. Make sure that you list past events that you have worked. Some models have a client list or an agency list which is great to see but past events is more important. When listing your past events make sure that you list the event name, product or brand that you promoted, date and job title, these are all very important.

Picture. This is the modeling industry and models get hired for their looks. Models are recommended to have a headshot on their resume. This is a fun industry use color and make your resume represent your personality.

Organize your resume. Some models do print, promotions, runway or commercials so put these into different categories. Modeling agencies like to see everything that a model has done but if it is all bunched together it is hard to find.

When it comes to a modeling or promotional resume make sure you include all of the things listed above. A model’s resume should be detailed, easy to read and unique. If you don’t have a promotional resume make sure you make one asap because this is a requirement in the modeling industry.

Team Pink Avenue