Do You Know Your Healthy Weight and BMI Numbers?

I keep saying that summer is coming to Chicago and I really do believe it will be here soon. Pink Avenue Models has blogged about perfect hair and perfect skin but today we want to talk about getting that perfect body. Well… no body is perfect but we want to see if you have the best body that you can. Pink Avenue Models found a couple very helpful websites that will calculate what your weight and BMI should be.  Are you as healthy and in shape as possible?

To check your Ideal Body Weight click on this link . It will ask you what your height and weight is and then send you a description of what your healthy weight should be. This will also tell you if you are underweight, overweight or just right.

Weight isn’t the only thing that matters. Here is a way to find out what your BMI is. BMI stands for body mass index, this is a way to calculate the percentage of body fat. Click on this link to see your results .

Some models are born with that awesome body and some have to work at getting that awesome body. Working out and eating healthy is necessary for everyone including models. We all know that working out is boring but try and make it fun. Work out with a friend or take a fun class, listen to music. Do whatever you need to do to make it a little more enjoyable. As for eating… eat healthy but make sure you enjoy your food. Pizza, candy, chips, soda ect are not the best foods for anyone but in moderation everything is ok. More health tips coming next week!

Team Pink Avenue