Get Your Name Out There

You are interested in being a model but clueless on how to get your name out there. Not everyone that is interested in becoming a model will reach their goal, sorry but this is a very competitive industry. Pink Avenue Models blogged about how to become a model in the past but there are a few things that we wanted to recommend doing after you have done the necessary work. Pink Avenue Models mentioned that interested models should set up a photo shoot, print the best pictures and start sending them to modeling agencies nationwide. After all of this is done there are other things that you can do to get your name out there. Here is a list of sites you can join to help promote yourself and potentially get work, most of them are free!!

Model Mayhem. This site is awesome! Model Mayhem is free and has castings listed on their site so it is very easy to search for work. It is a great networking site for the modeling industry, you have to join asap! Make sure when filling out your profile you are careful of the information you put on there. Anyone can look at this site so be safe and limit the information you give.

One Model Place. This site is great and has been around for a while. Everyone in the modeling industry is on this site. One Model Place also has castings, photographers, models, contests and so much more. Models can set up a free profile or pay to have a profile that holds more pictures.

New Faces. This is one of the original talent sites. New Faces is for actors, models, and modeling agencies. Models can sign up and have a basic package for free. There are different packages starting at basic, silver, platinum and then elite. The price range is from free to $249.00 per year.

Model Mayhem, One Model Place and New Faces are three of Pink Avenue Models favorite sites. There are many more out there, just be careful when submitting your information. If you ever have any questions about anything in the modeling industry feel free to contact the team at Pink Avenue Models at anytime… , we are here to help.

After you have been in the modeling ¬†industry for a while and have made friends, met photographers and have a fan base it is nice to set up a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Friends, co workers and fans are great help when it comes to voting for you or helping you in the modeling industry. Twitter and Facebook are easy ways for models to send updates of what they are up to. Again, never give out to much information. Have fun with your social network sites and don’t forget to add your favorite Chicago modeling agency.

Team Pink Avenue