Magazines Every Model Needs To Read

Pink Avenue Models blogs everyday, a lot of our information comes from experience but a lot comes from research as well. Since Pink Avenue Models is a Chicago modeling agency we are required to know about beauty, fashion, celebrity gossip, nutrition and everything else. If you don’t get a chance to read the Pink Avenue Models blog daily here are a few magazines that you should subscribe to so you can get similar information. These 9 magazines should come to every model’s mailbox.

1. Lucky! Lucky is the magazine about shopping and style and what model isn’t interested in shopping or style? Right now they have a deal going on, 24 issues for 15 dollars and a free bag! Order asap!

2. Self!  This magazine is going to teach models about fitness, food, diets, health and beauty. Even if you were born with a perfect body working out and eating right is healthy and required. Self will teach you everything you need to know and makes working out fun. There are so many recipes and cooking ideas in here! Chicago has long winters and this magazine will keep you motivated and puch you to work out year round. You can subscribe to Self for only $12 for 12 issues!

3. Runway! I think the name of the magazine says it all. Runway magazine is perfect for all models. Runway Magazine features articles about designers, model interviews, shopping, beauty tips, and self improvement. This magazine comes out 4 times a year and a subscription is $17.99.

4. InStyle! InStyle is about celebrities and there fashion, beauty and lifestyles. This magazine will show you what celebrity is wearing what, and who designed it. So much beauty information in this magazine! Another model must read, 12 issues for $24.99.

5.Supermodels Unlimited! This will be your complete source for pageants, modeling, fashion, talent & beauty. This magazine contains information about breaking into the modeling industry, international pageant news, fashion news and pictorials. Supermodels Unlimited comes out 4 times a year and is $18.

6. Glamour! This magazine has it all!  If you have questions about fashion, beauty, health and fitness and even your love life Glamour has the answers. Models can get a year subscription for only $15!

7. Elle!  Fashion, beauty and entertainment news are found inside Elle magazine. This magazine is made for models of all ages and helps models find what is best for them. Elle is a must read for all women. Models can subcribe to Elle for only $14!

8. People! This magazine will give you all the celebrity gossip of what is going on in Hollywood, the modeling industry and the world. A must have! This magazine is a little more expensive but well worth it, one year of People is $56.94.

9. People Style Watch!  This magazine will help all models keep up with the latest trends. StyleWatch offers a fresh, new look at fashion, beauty and the hottest star styles with a real-life approach. Models can get 10 issues for $19.95.

These magazines are a must for any model or anyone interested in the modeling industry. All of these magazines have up to date news in the fashion industry which is necessary in the world of modeling! Reading these will give you all the hair, skin, beauty, fashion, fitness, and nutrition advice that you need. Subscribe now and start reading!

Team Pink Avenue