Model Must Have… LBD

Every model needs a little black dress, do you have one? There is always going to be a time when a client, modeling agency, or promotion asks the model to wear her own little black dress. Pink Avenue Models has searched for cute and affordable dresses all day long and these are what we found. All of these dresses are less than $80!! If you are a Chicago model that does not have this piece in their closet go to Michigan Avenue or State St. asap!


This dress is from Forever 21 and costs less than $23.00!forever-21-22801

This Dress is also from Forever 21 and also costs less than $23.00!


This dress is also from Forever 21 and costs about $25.00!


This dress can be found at Urban Outfitters and only costs $48.00!


This dress is also from Urban Outfitters and cost about $58.00.


This is a dress from Victoria’s Secret. This will cost our models about $80.00.

Like I said if you don’t own a little black dress go get one asap! This is a must have in every model’s closet. Models will need this for dinner parties, interviews, promotions, meetings with their modeling agency and everything in between. If you are to tired/busy to get to Michigan Ave you can always order online. Have fun shopping!

Team Pink Avenue