Modeling Agency VS. Modeling School

Pink Avenue Models gets a lot of phone calls and emails from girls asking how much it costs to be part of our agency. The answer is that it is free! Modeling agencies should NEVER charge a model to be part of their modeling agency. The only time a modeling agency can take money from a model is if the model is managed by a modeling agency and that agency found them work.  The modeling agency usually takes 20%. This usually happens with print and runway models, this DOES NOT  happen at Pink Avenue Models. If you are contacted by a modeling agency and they ask you for money do not pay, it is a scam.

Modeling schools are a whole different thing. There are modeling schools out there that do cost money, a lot of money. These schools can not promise you work but accept almost everyone. Modeling schools try and teach potential models about self confidence, poise, style, the modeling industry and so much more. Some modeling agencies offer classes about how to get clear skin, healthy hair, nail care, nutrition and exercise, runway and how to pose at a photo shoot. We researched some of the popular modeling schools and they all seem similar but say that they are so much different from each other. Modeling school is not required to work in the modeling industry and most of the things taught can be learned in magazines or from the internet.

To summarize this long blog I just want to say that modeling agencies should never ask for money from models, never! Modeling schools do charge models to take classes and can teach potential models about the modeling industry. There are tons of books out there that can teach interested girls about the modeling industry. Do some research before you sign up for classes or submit your information to modeling agencies.

Team Pink Avenue