Posing for Your Next Photo Shoot Part 2

Yesterday Pink Avenue Models blogged about the photos that every model should have in their portfolio. Today we want to add a few tips to make those photos perfect. Like we said a photo shoot is a lot harder than most people can imagine. Here are a few tips to make your next photo shoot perfect.

Smile. Every model should have a picture with a smile. All clients and modeling agencies want to see a model’s smile and teeth. This does not mean that you have to have a big smile in all of your pictures. Sounds weird but models really do practice expressions in the mirror and you should too. Practicing your smile in the mirror will give you ideas of what looks bad and what works.

Eyes. A model’s eyes are very important in pictures. Most people think that they should look directly in the camera but that is wrong. If you notice candid pictures are very common, modeling agencies want natural looking pictures. Remember to have a new pose every shot and this includes moving your eyes. Look to the sides, down, up, around the camera and sometimes directly into the camera.

Posing. Beginner models always think that the main pose is to stand straight, legs open a little with their hands on their hips, yes it works sometimes but there are so many other options. Models are creative people so use your talent. I was once told that if the pose doesn’t hurt that it won’t look good on camera. Stretch your body, bend move a lot and you should create great images.

Posture. Another thing that beginner models do at photo shoots is try and suck in or stick out their chest, don’t do this! It looks unnatural and painful. Stand straight, shoulders back and this will create a slimmer look. Good posture can make you look 10 pounds lighter. Breath naturally.

Sitting/ Laying down. These are 2 of the hardest poses for models and photographers. Sitting is difficult for models because they have to balance their weight. Laying down is hard for models because they have to make sure that they are posing in the right directions and it is hard for the photographer because he has to get the perfect angle. Models that are laying down get lazy and think that laying there will get the shot but it is way more difficult than that.

Chin. This is so difficult and something that a model should watch at all times. Models can’t have their chins too high because then the camera gets shots going up the model’s nose but if the model has her chin low it causes multiple chins. So what should a model do?? Models should keep their chin straight and tilt the head slightly. The photographer will help with this they know how it looks on camera.

Legs. Here is another tip that I was told. If you want the picture to appeal to men it is acceptable to have your legs open a little but not spread open. If you want the picture to appeal to women keep your legs closed or angle your body to the side.

A photo shoot is hours of work, hair, make up and wardrobe changes and all of the posing, it’s a lot to think about.  Try to relax and have fun, if you are too serious it will show in your pictures. Remember to be natural, use your eyes, practice your smile and expressions, have good posture and angle your chin and legs correctly. I can’t wait to see your new pictures!

Team Pink Avenue