Posing Tips for Your Next Photo Shoot

Photo shoots can be a lot of fun but are so much work. A photo shoot sounds like it may be easy but it is way harder than it looks. Photo shoots include long hours, hours of hair and make up, tons of posing and a lot of wardrobe changes. There are four types of photos that most modeling agencies will ask for, do you have these in your portfolio?

Headshot. Every modeling agency will ask for this. Make sure you have a headshot that represents you well. A headshot will be a very close up picture of your face, wear minimal make up and smile. Most modeling agencies will ask that a model’s headshot is not photoshopped. Modeling agencies want to see what a model really looks like.

Bodyshot. This picture is also required by most modeling agencies. A bodyshot should show the model’s whole body and the model should wear a swimsuit. Modeling agencies and clients want to see how the body looks, they will examine the arms, legs and body tone. Never stand straight up in bodyshots, add curve to your body by bending your arms and legs.

Lifestyle Photo. This is a very natural picture of a model. Most lifestyle pictures are of models that are not posing. This picture is always of a model smiling, looking happy and rarely looking at the camera.

Action Photo. This picture is usually of a model running, playing a sport or doing something active. Action photos are the hardest to take because the model is being active and trying to look pretty at the same time.

Models should have a variety of looks in their portfolios. The more looks a model can pull off the more work the model will get. Make sure that the pictures that are sent to modeling agencies are recent and that you have the same hair color, and same weight. If you change your look get new pictures taken. Have fun at your next photo shoot!

Team Pink Avenue