Summer Make Up Tips for Models

It’s hot in Chicago, really hot, like 95 degrees! It’s hard for models to wear make up and look good when they are sweating like crazy. Here are a few make up tips for our Chicago models, we want you to look amazing all year long.

1. Wear a moisturizer that has an SPF of at least 15. This will protect your face from sun damage and early signs of aging. Buy this in a tinted formula and you can stop using foundation or powder. When it is 95 degrees outside foundation and powder just sweat off and leave a model’s face feeling gross.

2.Since our Chicago models will be wearing sunscreen on their face and body there is not much of a chance that they will be getting tan. It’s ok models can fake it! Bronzer is a must have in every models make up bag.

3. Light eyeshadow colors are in and looking natural is a must this summer. Choose light neutral colors that shimmer. There is no need to wear black mascara in the summer, lighten it up and make sure that it is waterproof!

4. Make sure that your chapstick has sunscreen in it. Burned lips are painful and do not look good. If you want to add color to your lips make sure that you go with a light natural color over your chapstick. No heavy or dark lipstick this season.

Summer is fun and goes by fast. The goal is to look amazing with minimal make up and little effort. You do not want to be the model at the beach with too much make up on that is sweating off your face. Have fun this summer we all know that Chicago summers go by so fast!

Team Pink Avenue