Trade Show Models

A trade show model is a model that is hired to represent a company to attendees. A trade show model is hired by the client through a modeling agency. Trade show models are hired to be the face of the company they are representing and are much more than a pretty face. Here are 5 things that you may not know about a trade show model.

1. Trade show models are hired for their looks. There are a lot of promotions that want any girl to represent their product but trade show exhibitors want beautiful girls with nice bodies.  Trade show models are also known as booth babes.

2.Trade show models are usually models that have college degrees and are very smart. Models can make a lot of money at trade shows and that is part of the reason that we work them.

3. Trade show models do not work directly for the company but have to learn about the products and services that the company offers very quickly. Trade show models are the main attraction at the booth and have to know the answers to simple questions.

4. Trade show models are usually uncomfortable, cold and in pain but have to act like they are the happiest person in the world. Trade show models are usually wearing minimal clothing in a cold convention center and in so much pain from standing 8-10 hours a day in heels. Be extremely nice to any trade show model.

5. Trade show models are usually treated like a princess by the client while working with them. This may include paid parking, paid lunches, daily bonus, free product, dinners and parties after the event. Trade shows are long hours and hard work but the paycheck is well worth it.

Pink Avenue Models hires the best trade show models  nationwide. Call us if you need beautiful, intelligent, outgoing models for your next event.

Team Pink Avenue