What is TFP ?

Models are probably getting tons of offers for TFP or TFCD but what do these things mean? TFP can mean numerous things, depends on the agreement between the photographer and model. TFP means Time For Prints or Trade for Prints. It can also mean Time for Portfolio or Trade for Portfolio.  No matter how it is said it means that the model is not getting paid or paying the photographer but in return will get images for their portfolios. TFCD means Trade For CD which means that you will get a CD with all of the images for the shoot.

Why do models do TFP work? Building a modeling portfolio can be extremely expensive for models so they do TFP work. Models offer a few hours of their time and get images to use on their websites, social network sites and to send to clients. This allows models to shoot whenever they want and get a variety of images for their books.

When doing TFP work make sure that you research the photographer. Make sure the photographer has references and does work that you are interested in doing. Remember that is totally normal that the model brings an escort. If the photographer doesn’t allow an escort than that is a sign that he is unprofessional and has different expectations. All photographers should have the model sign a release form that includes the agreement between the photographer and model. The agreement should also mention that the model owns all rights to the photos that were taken.

Models have to start somewhere, TFP is something all models have done. After a model has become more established and very experienced she is then allowed to charge a hourly rate for shoots, until then don’t act like a diva. Modeling is a competitive industry that only pays the best.

Have fun at your next photo shoot and send me pictures! If you are looking for TFP work in the Chicago area please contact Pink Avenue Models for recommendations.

Team Pink Avenue