What Makes Pink Avenue Models Different??

What makes Pink Avenue Models different than all of the other “modeling agencies” out there?

Pink Avenue Models knows their models. We have either met our models in person, worked with them in the past or interviewed them. Pink Avenue Models would never book people that we don’t know. Not everyone can become a Pink Avenue Model, we are very selective here. We hire models based on their looks, resumes and personality.

Pink Avenue Models pays well and pays fast. There are so many “modeling agencies” or “staffing agencies” out there that think it is acceptable to pay 45 or 60 days or even 90 days after the event. Pink Avenue Models has paid as little as 3 days after an event. We pride ourselves on rewarding our models for their hard work. There is no reason that models should be paid months later for their work. We love our models and appreciate them very much. Their would not be Pink Avenue Models without our amazing models.

Pink Avenue Models has close relationships with their clients. We know our clients, we know what our clients want and out clients love our process. Pink Avenue Models tries to make the booking process as fast and simple as possible, clients appreciate that. We go out of our way to make the event a success no matter what it takes.

Pink Avenue Models does it all! We get calls for trade show models, print models, street teams, brand ambassadors and everything in between. Pink Avenue Models has experienced models nationwide. Clients can call us and ask for the most random thing and we will try our best to make it happen.

Pink Avenue Models enjoys working with our clients and models and we enjoy hearing the great feedback. Pink Avenue Models knows the modeling industry well and we wanted to build a modeling agency that takes care of our models and keeps our clients coming back. That is why our modeling  agency is different than the other modeling agencies out there.

Team Pink Avenue