10 Items Every Model Needs This Fall

I don’t mean to rush summer and go right into fall fashion but I just had to tell the models what is going to be a big hit next season. Promotional models, trade show models, print models, street team promoters and anyone else in the modeling industry has to keep up with fashion, it’s part of the job. Hear are a few things to start buying because everyone will be wearing these items in the upcoming months so get ready!

* Long sleeved cut out black dresses

* Neon anything. It has been in all summer and will continue in the fall.

* Zippers. Zippers on pants, skirts, dresses, shoes. Zippers are in this fall.

* Leopard print. Always sexy.

* One shoulder shirts, and dresses will be very popular this fall.

* Ruffles are back. Just don’t wear to many ruffles, keep it minimal and accessorize lightly.

* Colored shoes and boots. I am not talking black and white. Purple, blue and red are all very popular and easy to find.

* Big necklaces. The bigger the better.

* Plaid has made a comeback and will be a big hit this fall.

* Velvet and lace, always classy.

These are the 10 items that are a must have in every models closet this fall. Start shopping! If you find any great deals in Chicago please let us know.

Team Pink Avenue