5 Excuses Models Hear When Begging For Their Checks

Yesterday we talked about what makes Pink Avenue Models different from other modeling agencies and one of the main things is that we pay fast! We have heard and experienced horror stories about companies not paying their models and have heard some of the worst excuses. Here are 5 of the worst excuses that modeling and staffing agencies have told promotional models when they have asked for their checks.

1. Our accounting system crashed and we lost all of our data, it’s going to take months to get back on track. This is a very common excuse. Once again this has nothing to do with the model.

2. We sent your check out 2 weeks ago, I can’t believe you haven’t received it. This is hilarious because when you do get the check models can see what the date on the check is and it rarely matches when the agency says they sent it.

3. We never received your paperwork so we had no way to pay you. (Then you forward the paperwork that you sent them 2 months ago and they say that you did it wrong and ask you to do it again) Don’t you think that the agency should call and ask the model for missing information? Just another lie and a way to delay the models payment.

4. The best excuse is no excuse. Sometimes promotional models call their modeling agency, email the agency, call and text the person that booked them and never get any response. This is when models call a lawyer. There is no reason that the company should avoid a model’s calls unless they are doing something shady.

5. The client hasn’t paid us yet. That has nothing to do with the model. This is a defect in the company’s system. If the company invoices a client the client will pay. Do modeling agencies really think that a model will believe that a well known brand such as Mercedes didn’t pay the modeling agency? Thats crazy! If the agency gives an excuse like this they have cash flow problems and need some tips on accounting and managing money.

The bottom line is that models should not have to beg for their money. Models work hard just like people in other industries and deserve to be paid on time. If you are a promotional model that has a horror story or has heard lame excuses in the past please tell us about them. You can email them to info@pinkavenuemodels.com. We can’t wait to hear them!

Team Pink Avenue