Gnome, Gnome, Gnome!!!!

Pink Avenue Models teamed up with a couple great companies over the weekend for an amazing event. We staffed 10 gorgeous Chicago models to promote Gnome Frenzy and Ultimate Sports Decor and lets just say things were interesting. When you see 10 models holding gnomes you have to ask questions. Maybe you saw the 10 Chicago models outside of Wrigley Field, maybe you saw them in the bleachers at the Cubs game, maybe you saw them on TV, doesn’t matter where you saw them but there was no way that you could miss these 10 beautiful girls. We had so much fun and can not wait to do it again. Here are some pictures of the event!


Before the event we had to have a photo shoot! Thats what models do.


The models are hard at work.


The models inside the Chicago Cubs game. Lets just say they got A LOT of attention!


She loved her gnome, his name was Frank.


Some of the best Chicago models!


Getting ready fo the game, Chicago won!


We had a winner! He knew his Chicago sports trivia.


Modeling is such a fun job. Our Chicago models had a blast!




 Working with Gnome Frenzy and Ultimate Sports Decor was great! The models had a lot of fun and worked hard to get the word out. Thank you to everyone that was involved and we can’t wait until the next event!

Team Pink Avenue