How To Become A Promotional Model

Thinking about breaking into the promotional modeling industry? Great idea! Promotional modeling is a very fun and exciting industry and pays well. Promotional modeling isn’t all fun and games, it is hard work too. If you are thinking about becoming a promotional model you must be hard working, reliable, and have a ton of personality. If this sounds like the job for you here are a  few tips on how to get started.

1. Make sure that you have professional pictures and a resume to send to modeling and staffing agencies nationwide. There are so many photographers that are willing to do TFP so take advantage of that and start shooting. Make sure that your resume includes your height, weight, measurements and age along with your experience. These are all things that the modeling agency and client will want to know. Send your information to as many agencies as possible, the more agencies you are listed with the more work you will get.

2. Promotional models will need khaki pants, khaki shorts, black pants, a black dress and white gym shoes. Most promotions will require you to wear these items along with a branded shirt provide by the client. If you are missing any of these items go buy them asap. No need to spend a lot of money on these things because you will be working in them and possibly getting dirty.

3. Get a CTA Pass because driving to promotions in the city can be expensive and is never easy. Taking a train or a bus will be the best thing for you to do.

4. Start networking, this is huge in the promotional modeling industry. If you see models passing things out ask them who they are working with. Models are very helpful in the industry and can tell you what agencies are great to work for and what agencies they have had bad experiences with. You can find promotional models at bar and club events, street team promotions, festivals, grocery stores and any Chicago event.

5.When you start getting booked for promotional jobs make sure that you show up on time, work hard, don’t complain and that you impress the client. Reputation is everything in this industry and promotional models need an amazing reputation to get booked consistently.

Once you are in the promotional modeling industry it will be hard for you to leave. Promotional models have a flexible schedule, get paid a decent amount, get a lot of free stuff and get to work really fun events. Get in and start working!

Team Pink Avenue