Liquor Promotions

Working liquor promotions can be fun and interesting at the same time. You never know what you will hear when free liquor is involved but you should expect to hear some of the greatest pick up lines ever. Liquor promotions are nice because most are only an hour or two and then you are on to the next place. So why do Chicago models love working liquor promotions? Chicago models love working liquor promotions because they are fun, pay well, and last only a few hours. Here are a couple things to keep in mind when booking your next liquor promotion.

* Make sure that you know the product! Know what it is made of, where it is made and where it is bottled, the proof, how to mix it and any other unique trait that the brand has.

* Make sure that you arrive 15 minutes early dressed and ready to go. These 15 minutes will allow you to get set up and ready before the event starts.

* Have a good attitude because you have to be extra friendly and patient when it comes to working in a bar environment. People don’t always act their best when they have been drinking.

* There are usually secret shoppers so watch what you do and say. This is common sense. Don’t say anything negative. While working the liquor promotion the brand that you are representing is your favorite brand. If you get a bad report the client tells the modeling agency that booked you and chances are you will no longer be working for that agency.

* You may taste the product before sending it out to consumers, models should know their product and how to describe it to potential buyers. Models are not allowed to drink with the consumers or take shots of the product.  The easiest thing to say is that you are not allowed to drink while working but you would love to after the event. It is never ok to drink in your uniform.

Liquor promotions can be a lot of fun and are a great program for models to get involved in because they usually last a few months. Just remember these tips when you are at your next event. Have fun!

Team Pink Avenue