Make Your Boobs Look Amazing Without Plastic Surgery

Boobs isn’t something that Pink Avenue Models usually blogs about but we thought that it was a good topic to touch on today. Some models were born with small boobs and some models were born with bigger boobs. Lately there have been a lot of young girls getting boob jobs to boost their careers. We did some research and realized that there are so many ways to make your boobs look amazing without the plastic surgery. So save yourself from the pain, the expensive bill and the chance of getting a bad boob job. The size of your boobs has nothing to do with your career. Here are a few tips for our Chicago models to think about before they consider surgery.

1. Buy clothing that has a cinched waist or a bottom that is high waisted. Ruffled tops add bulk to the chest area making your boobs look bigger.  

2. Use silicone pads.  All you have to do is insert these into your bra and you will have so much cleavage. Make them look as natural as possible! 

3. Buy a good push up bra. Buy a good one and you can look a size or 2 bigger. This is a must have in every models lingerie drawer.

4. Another trick that is so cheap and so simple is using glitter/shimmer on the boob area. The light reflects off of the shimmer causing the models boobs to look bigger.

5. Buy the right shapewear.  We recommend the line from Dr. Rey. He knows a lot about plastic surgery and designed a very affordable line for women to use instead of getting surgery. He has foam padded bras and bodysuits that cost as little as $25.

6. Where a padded bra and a tight tank top. Wearing layers will push them up and out.

7. Always stand up straight! This automatically makes your boobs look bigger.

If you are doing a photo shoot, walking the runway, working as a hostess at a trade show, or working as a promotional model you can use these tricks. It is a quick fix that is cheap, easy and effective. Go buy that push up bra asap.

Team Pink Avenue