Plus Size Models, BIG Part of the Modeling Industry

When you hear the word model you probably imagine a young, skinny, beautiful woman. Do you ever imagine a model that is size 14 and up? Maybe not but plus size modeling has become  a big part of the modeling industry. Plus size models are used just as much as models that are a size 0. Plus size models are still required to have perfect hair, skin and teeth. Really the only difference between plus size models and high fashion models is their size.

Plus size models are used in advertising campaigns, magazines, on the runway, TV, work and commercials. Plus size models are also being employed by the media to educate and promote healthy body image and self esteem, they want to prove that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Some of the biggest modeling agencies in the world have created plus size divisions. Some of the biggest designers in the world have started booking plus size models for their runway shows, plus size models can make a lot of money in the modeling  industry!

Plus size models can do promotional modeling, print modeling, runway modeling, work as a trade show model, street team promotions, and be the spokes person for many brands all over the world. Plus size models can do anything that a size 0 model can do. If you have any questions about Chicago modeling agencies that specialize in plus size modeling feel free to ask, Pink Avenue Models has great recommendations.

Team Pink Avenue