Promotional Models Must Read

Models try to get work any way that they can. Sometimes models get work from modeling agencies, friends, past employers ect. Sometimes models see ads on Craigslist which is not the safest way and sometimes the ads are not even real. Here are a few ways to tell if the Craigslist ad is real and worth sending info too.

1. The ad is detailed with times, dates, rate of pay and location. The name of the company should also be listed in the ad.

2. The company that posts the ad shouldn’t ask for anything out of the ordinary. It is acceptable to ask for a head shot, body shot and a resume. If the ad asks for all the swimsuit pictures you can send, or pictures of your feet or pictures showing off your chest DO NOT SEND ANYTHING!

3. There is a real email address. Craigslist is free and anybody can post. If someone wants to hire models for a real event they should give a real email address. Models are asked to send resumes and pictures that have a lot of their information on them. Clients should give potential promotional models a real email address.

4. The ad should always describe what the model will be doing at the event. Make sure that there are details and that you are aware of what you are signing up for.

Modeling is a unique industry and you really have to be careful of who receives your information. Promotional models can get a lot of work from modeling agencies but there are some clients that prefer to use Craigslist when hiring models.  Before you send your resume and pictures to another Craigslist post make sure that the post includes dates, times, rates, client name, job description, a real email address, and the only requirements are a head shot, body shot and resume.

Team Pink Avenue