The Truth About Models

Models are sometimes stereotyped as being super skinny, dumb and stuck up. This blog is written to  change your view on models and the modeling industry. Here are 6 facts about models that you may not know.

1. Models eat all the time. Some models are just born skinny and work to keep their small frame. Yes there have been stories of models with eating disorders but that does not mean that is true for every model. Models are normal people that have a unique job. Models love food!

2. Models are smart. Just because a model makes her money walking down a runway, posing for print ads, or working as a promotional model or trade show model does not mean that she is dumb. Most promotional models have college degrees  and are just not sure of what their dream job is yet. Working in promotions allows girls to use their marketing background, have a flexible schedule and make good money. Print and runway models make a lot of money and use that to pay for school. A modeling career doesn’t always last forever it’s nice to have a backup career.

3. Models are not full of themselves. Most models feel blessed to have the opportunity to work as a model. It is one of the most competitive industries and models feel lucky to be part of it. A successful model will refrain from talking about themselves because they don’t enjoy the attention. Talk to models, they are some of the nicest girls in the world.

4. Models come in all shapes and sizes. You do not have to be 5’10” and weigh 110 pounds to be in the modeling industry. There are plus size models that are a size 14 and up, there are trade show and promotional models that are only 5’0” tall. Most modeling agencies have multiple divisions so they can work with every type of model. Modeling has a lot to do with personality, models are strong people that have to take rejection on a daily basis.

5. Models come in all ages. People think that models have to retire in their early 20’s. That is not true. Some of the highest paid models in the modeling industry are in their 30’s. Many modeling agencies have 26+ divisions and some have Senior divisions. Every company is looking for something different so modeling agencies want models in every division.

6. Models live in all parts of the world. You do not have to live in New York or Paris. Pink Avenue Models has models in Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and we also have models in some of the smallest cities in the country. We like to have models everywhere, we never know where the next big event will be.

Basically to sum it up models eat just like everyone else.  Models are smart and most have gone to college.  Models take care of themselves and appreciate the opportunities that have been given to them.  Models come in all shapes, sizes and ages, and live all over the world, not just one city.  Models are hard workers and modeling is a career. Don’t believe the stereotype.

Team Pink Avenue