Watch What You Post Online

Models get a lot of their work online, sometimes through modeling agencies and sometimes from sites like Craigslist. Models also have modeling websites, Facebook and Myspace pages, Twitter and other social networking pages. Models should be careful of how much information is on these sites. All models in the modeling industry should be careful when it comes to giving out information, this includes promotional models, trade show models, print models and every other type of model. When updating all your sites keep the amount of information minimal. Here are a few things to consider when posting information online.

1. When it comes to Facebook, Myspace and Twitter keep things as private as possible. Set your settings so that only your friends can see your pictures. Try and add only people that you know. Is there a reason to have 3,000 friends when you only know 200 of them? Use the privacy settings, they were made for a reason.

2. Try not to tell people where you are. You can mention something like “hey, I’m working an awesome promotion today” but don’t say “I am working at McCormick Place today booth 345.” Sometimes models get fans that take it to far, don’t give people to much information just to avoid a bad situation.

3. When it comes to Craigslist be careful. You should have an email address that does not include your full name. We have given tips on responding to Craigslist ads before. Make sure that they provide a real email address, include company name and all of the event details. Use this site as a last resort.

4. Google yourself often to make sure that nobody is starting fake profiles with your name and pictures. It happens all the time!  Models should set up a Google Alert and they will be notified anytime someone uses their name.

Modeling is a really fun industry but all models should be cautious when it comes to posting pictures and information online. This is one of the reasons models usually have a model name or stage name. It is safe to send all of your information to modeling agencies but when it come to freelance work be more secretive.

Team Pink Avenue