Why Pink Avenue Models?

What makes Pink Avenue Models different from other modeling and staffing agencies?

1. Pink Avenue Models does not use an automated system. We enjoy communicating with our models and clients and do it often. Every email that is sent out and every phone call that is made is made from an employee of Pink Avenue Models. We like to build relationships with our clients and models.

2. Pink Avenue Models pays fast. There are so many staffing agencies out there that pay every 60 days, sometimes 90 days and sometimes not at all. Models are hired, show up to work and do a great job so it doesn’t make any sense that they would get paid months later. Usually models have to call and email the agency that they worked for and beg for their money. When the partners started Pink Avenue Models they knew that getting paid fast and well is the most important thing to a model and that’s why we have this policy. This is another reason that we have amazing and reliable models.

3. The models at Pink Avenue Models want to work, take pride in what they do and are experienced in the modeling industry. Pink Avenue Models picks their talent very carefully. We want models that are fun. beautiful, reliable, have a good reputation and enjoy working. All of our models have to submit resumes, have professional pictures and are interviewed before they work for us. We know the  models that work for us and they trust us.

4. The partners of Pink Avenue Models have almost a decade of experience working in the promotional industry. They have worked with dozens of agencies nationwide and have learned what to do differently. They have learned what they like about the industry, what they don’t like and what they wanted to change to improve the industry and build a great modeling agency. Pink Avenue Models has a young staff that has experience working in all areas of the modeling industry and that really helps.

5. Pink Avenue Models goes out of their way to meet the clients needs. Pink Avenue Models has helped clients with the planning of their events,picking out uniforms, and has even sent employees of Pink Avenue Models to go and manage big events just in case the client needs help with anything. Pink Avenue Models doesn’t just provide models for the client, they do anything they can to make the process easier for the client.

These are some of the things that make Pink Avenue Models different from other modeling agencies out there. We like being different.

Team Pink Avenue