Los Angeles – An Amazing City

Pink Avenue Models has a lot of models in LA and we wonder what is there to do in LA that we can’t do in Chicago?  We know that Los Angeles and Chicago both have great modeling agencies but what else does LA have? Los Angeles has warm weather, lots of famous people, great food and a lot of history. Pink Avenue Models has done there research and came up with a list of 10 things that you can do in LA for free. Free? Sounds crazy considering LA is more expensive than Chicago. If you have a trip planned to LA anytime soon make sure you do these 10 things, it will save you money and make your Los Angeles unforgettable.

*Hollywood walk of fame! Everyone must walk down Hollywood Blvd. Since 1960 there have been over 2,300 stars added. It’s a very tourist thing to do but it will be a lot of fun. Bring your camera!

* Be on TV! Well maybe you could appear in the background of your favorite shows if you get a good seat. Many shows are filmed in California. Make sure you plan ahead to get tickets. You could see Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Price is Right, The Tonight Show and so many others.

* Visit NoHo ( North Hollywood) This area is full of art galleries, vintage clothing stores, outdoor cafes, live theaters, and amazing restaurants.

* Visit Marina Del Ray! This is the largest man made harbor in the world and houses over 6,000 private yachts. This area is great for running, rollerblading, biking or relaxing in the park.

* Rodeo Drive! This is a must for anyone that works in the modeling industry or has an interest in fashion. This is also a great place to run into celebrities. A very expensive street to shop on but it’s free to walk on.

*Drive on Muholland Drive! This is an amazing scenic drive and it goes from the Hollywood Hills all the way through Santa Monica. 

* Beach! There are so many amazing beaches in the LA area including the well known Venice Beach. Bring your swim suit, sunglasses and relax. There will be tons of things to see at Venice Beach.

* Downtown LA Art Walk! This has some of the best art work in the city. This happens the second Thursday of each month and is a great experience. It’s more than looking at art.

* Go see the next big bands! A lot of bands get their start in small venues.  The Viper Room, The Knitting Factory, The Mint, and Spaceland have shows all the time.

* Griffith Park Observatory! Learn about astronomy and see the stars.

There is so much to do in Los Angeles and the thing I mentioned are free. Enjoy your trip to LA!

Team Pink Avenue