Real Modeling Agencies Don’t Charge Their Models

Pink Avenue Models received a call from one of our models last week that needed some advice, so of course we helped her. Our model was trying to get her name out there and approach multiple modeling agencies which Pink Avenue Models recommends doing. She came across an agency that asked her to pay to have her pictures on their website and thought that was a little weird. She called Pink Avenue Models and asked if this was common. The staff at Pink Avenue Models has been in the modeling industry for almost 10 years and has never heard of this. Models should never pay a modeling agency! Modeling agencies hire models for their clients so why would models pay to work? Pink Avenue Models hires models for trade shows, promotions, events, street teams, print ads and anything else the client may ask for and we would NEVER ask a model for money. We appreciate our models and know that we need models to run a modeling agency. If a modeling agency, staffing agency or talent agency asks you to pay for anything do not do it. There are a lot of great agencies out there but tons of bad ones too. Make sure you do your research on any agency that you plan on working with. The best way to find great modeling agencies is to ask other models. If you ever have any questions about other modeling agencies or anything to do with the modeling industry feel free to call us at Pink Avenue Models (312) 993-7991.

Team Pink Avenue