Runway Looks That Promotional Models Can Use

When watching a runway show I think to myself… these models look great but I could never wear that in public. Well now you can. Models this fall will be wearing more natural looks and anybody can pull these off. Now trade show models, promotional models, and print models¬†can bring a little of the runway look into their style. Here are a few looks that you will be seeing this fall.

* Pink cheeks. The idea is to look like you have been out in the cold. The best tip I can give is to use a sponge for blending.

* Short haircuts. Short hair is in this season and tons of models will be rocking this cut. Think short hair like from the 60’s.

* Fake lashes. Only on the bottom this fall and we are not talking normal lashes, think more rocker with jewels.

* Monochromatic contouring. It’s back and has to be done well or it will look scary. Eyes, cheeks and lips should all be similar color.

* Messy buns. This hair style has been all over the runway and is a very easy and classic look.

* Bright lips. This doesn’t mean bright red but it does mean shades of reds and purples this season. Models should always remember that you can never have bold eyes and bold lips, it’s one or the other.

* Colored eyeshadow. Just like the 80’s these colors are back but are worn differently. Look for greens, metallics, purples and shades of blues this season.

Fall fashion 2009 is all about color. Big fashion cities like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago are going to be full of color this season. Models are going to look bright, shiny and gorgeous!

Team Pink Avenue