America’s Next Top Model – Cycle 13

Last night the new season of ANTM aired and it was exciting, full of drama and had short girls! This season all of the models are under 5’7”.  The show cut down to the top 20, then the top 14, and now is at 13 petite models. Pink Avenue Models will be giving a weekly recap of the show starting today.

Originally I thought Ciara was going to make it to the final 2 but she got kicked off after the top 20 so my new pick is Rae. Bianca is a drama queen but what was wrong with Amber? Amber left the show for personal reasons after making it to the top 14, will the show be as crazy without her? I think Nicole will add some entertainment even though she has no reaction to anything and never talks. Maybe she is emotionless? She sure did rock her photo shoot! Pink Avenue Models has to be a fan of Ashley, she’s from Chicago. Lisa was kicked off last night but that was expected. This season is going to be very interesting and we are excited to give a weekly recap on it.

Watch ANTM every Wednesday night to learn about photo shoots, runway, fashion, beauty, modeling, the industry and the best modeling agencies out there. I can’t wait for next weeks show!

Team Pink Avenue