ANTM – Week 3

Last nights episode of America’s Next Top Model was full of drama and eliminations.  Rachael was sent home last week along with Courtney which means there were only 11 models at the start of this week.

The models learned how to walk on the runway from J. Alexander, lets just say that some did better than others.  Some of the tips J gave to the girls were to have speed, presence, big steps, chin down, look sexy, and keep your shoulders back. That is a lot to remember when you are walking in your very first fashion show. The models challenge was to walk in their first fashion show at a mansion in Malibu wearing Kevan Hall designs. The girls had to walk with another model that was normal runway height. You could definitely notice the difference.

Of course there was an elimination last night, Lulu was sent home meaning only 10 models remain in this competition. Next week on ANTM Tyra Banks will go behind the camera and photograph the models. Make sure you watch on Wednesday and if you miss it you can always read the Pink Avenue Models blog to get the juicy details.

Team Pink Avenue