Even Models Get Stressed Out

Models get stressed out just like anybody else. Promotional models stress about their crazy schedules full of trade shows and events. Brand ambassadors stress about how they are going to get to their 6am event and how they are going to make it through their 12 hour event with no sleep. Promotional models that work with liquor brands stress about their nights out at bars and clubs and all the horrible comments they will deal with that night. Print models worry about their early call time and making sure they are well rested for their 8-10 hour photo shoot that requires tons of energy. All models have to worry about keeping their modeling agencies and clients happy which might be the most stressful part of the job. The modeling industry can be glamorous and have a lot of perks, but like any other industry it has stressful moments too. So how can models relieve stress??

1. Be prepared for your scheduled event, then you have nothing to stress about. Have directions printed out, clothes ready and alarm set. Do everything you need to do the night before so you have nothing to worry about the next day.

2. Have calming music on your ipod or computer at home. This will instantly calm you down and put you in a better mood.

3. Go swimming or take a hot shower or bath. Studies show that being in water helps the body relax and lowers your stress hormone levels. This will cause you to relax and take all of your stress away.

4. Exercise. This is one of the most effective stress relievers. If you are too busy to go to the gym try walking or doing yoga at home. You can always buy a work out video and do it at home if you can’t make it to the gym. Yoga is relaxing and very effective.

5. Talk about what is bothering you. Let it all out at dinner with friends. If you can’t make it out try writing it down, you will feel so much better after you let it out.

6. Get a massage. Yes they can be expensive but are well worth it. A lot of places offer specials on certain days. This will do wonders for a models stress level.

7. Have alone time every day. Do things for you, watch a favorite tv show or movie, read a magazine or book, whatever makes you happy. During this time ignore your phone and emails. Alone time is necessary even if its only 30 minutes.

Hopefully these 7 tips will help you during your next stressful situation. Just remember that everything will work out in the end and that being stressed makes everything worse.

Team Pink Avenue