Frequently Asked Questions About Pink Avenue Models

Pink Avenue Models gets tons of  emails and calls everyday with people asking various questions. We thought it would be best for us to post the answers to our most frequently asked questions in our blog for everyone to see. If there is a question that you have that is not answered in this blog feel free to call us at 312-993-7991 or email us at we look forward to hearing from you.

Q. Does Pink Avenue Models have open calls?

A. No, Pink Avenue Models does not have open calls at this time. We have such an unpredictable schedule that we think it is best to take all model submissions online.  This also allows us to get model submissions from every state in the US and even internationally.

Q. I tried to submit online but my submission won’t go through, what did I do wrong?

A. Every field on the “Become a Model” page has to be filled in and you must check the box before submitting. Make sure that you have a head shot, body shot, favorite picture, candid picture and resume, we need all of these things before we can book you.

Q. I don’t have professional pictures, can I work as a model?

A. Pink Avenue Models prefers professional pictures and that is what our clients want to see but we do take models with unprofessional pictures as well. We do recommend that models get professional pictures to enhance their modeling career.

Q. What does Pink Avenue Models do?

A. Pink Avenue Models is a modeling agency located in Chicago that staffs events nationwide. We hire models for trade shows, street team promotions, print ads, runway shows, corporate events/parties, product launches and so much more.

Q. How long does it take for Pink Avenue Models to pay their models?

A. Pink Avenue Models appreciates their models and we know that they work hard. We pay our models as fast as we can, usually within 2 weeks of the events last day.

Q. Does Pink Avenue Models work with babies and kids?

A. Pink Avenue Models does not have any restrictions on who submits online. We do not have height, weight, or age requirements. Pink Avenue Models gets calls from various clients looking for a variety of things. We accept submissions from everyone including kids, babies, plus size models, inexperienced models and anybody else that is interested in working in the modeling industry. We add a large percentage of incoming submissions to our database and contact the talent when we have an event in their city.

Team Pink Avenue