The Pink Avenue Models Press Release

Pink Avenue Models issued a press release not to long ago and it has been showing up everywhere! Since the Pink Avenue blog is about modeling agencies, the modeling industry, promotions,events, models, beauty and anything that happens with Pink Avenue Models we thought that we should post it on here to. Here is the Pink Avenue Models press release. Enjoy!

Team Pink Avenue

Nationwide Event Staffing & Modeling Agency 
Pink Avenue Models is a Chicago-based modeling agency focused on providing exceptional talent nationwide.  With almost a decade of industry experience, Pink Avenue Models was formed with the concept of creating lasting relationships with professional models and distinct clientele.  We have staffed events in New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, and everywhere in between.  With the young culture of our agency we are looking for the next exciting opportunity.         
A Pink Avenue Model is competitively selected based on beauty, personality and reliability.  All models are required to go through an interview process and are booked because of their impressive resumes and portfolios.  A Pink Avenue Model is trained to represent every client’s needs.   
Pink Avenue Models has the capability to staff events of all sizes.  With our industry knowledge, we have created a simple and efficient process to meet the demands of all clients.  Available at all hours, Pink Avenue Models prides itself on a strong work ethic and dedicated team.  Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our clients as we strive for the same end-result: the completion of a successful event.
Pink Avenue Models provides beautiful, intelligent and outgoing models for events nationwide. We specialize in the execution of brand awareness and consumer interaction. When collaborating with Pink Avenue Models the possibilities are endless. Services include, but not limited to: