10 Items Every Model Should Own

Pink Avenue Models staffs a lot of trade shows nationwide. We always try and give tips to trade show models including general information and wardrobe. Promotional models should own black pants, a black skirt, khaki pants/shorts, a pair of gym shoes, and comfortable heels. I found an article that gives 10 wardrobe essentials that every model should own, do you own these items?

1. Trench coat. This works perfectly with dresses.

2. White collared, button down shirt. This is a requirement for many trade shows.

3. Work pants in a neutral color, black or grey. Make sure they fit great! Most promotions will ask the models to wear black dress pants.

4. Black turtleneck. Very classy but sexy, nice for layering too.

5. Perfect fitting jeans. Most promotions will not allow models to wear jeans but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the perfect pair for when you are not working. You can get the perfect pair for under $50.

6. LBD. Yes, the little black dress. This is perfect for a night out with the girls, weddings, interviews and any other event. Make sure you have one!

7. Daytime dress. Something cute, not too dressy.

8. Blazer. This is a nice thing for models to wear at trade shows because the convention center is usually freezing. Get a cute fitted one.

9. Pencil skirt. This is something that can be worn at many events and trade shows. Pair it with a button down shirt or v-neck sweater.

10. Black heels. These are mandatory and a great investment. Get a comfortable pair with at least a 3 inch heel. You should buy a pair with a closed toe so you can wear them year round.

Do you own these 10 items? If not start shopping!

Team Pink Avenue