Another Pink Avenue Models Press Release

Pink Avenue Models has issued another press release! Our last one was an introduction about the company and how the company works. This press release is about trade shows and trade show models since we book trade shows a lot. Models and clients can both learn from this press release and understand what is expected from a trade show model. Enjoy!

Pink Avenue Models: Trade Show Models

A trade show model is hired by a client, through a modeling agency, to help represent a company to attendees. Here are a few facts and tips you should know about a trade show model:

1. Trade show models are usually hired for their looks. There are a lot of promotions that are less focused on looks to represent their product but trade show exhibitors want professional beautiful girls with nice figures.  Trade show models are also known as booth babes.

2. Trade show models do not work directly for the company but have to learn about the products and services that the company offers very quickly. Trade show models are a main attraction at the booth and have to know the answers to simple questions.

3. Trade show models should show up to the trade show dressed to impress. When working as a trade show model you are looked at as the face of the company.

4. Trade show models should smile and say hello to everyone that you see. Models are hired to attract people to the booth, stopping them as they walk by is a sure way to get them to come in and talk to the sales team.

5. Trade show models should always bring a change of shoes. Standing in heels for 8, 9, or 10 hours is going to be painful. Bring flats or comfortable shoes to change into while on your break or after your shift.

6. Trade show models should own a black dress, black blazer, black pencil skirt and comfortable but sexy heels. These are the most requested outfits for trade show models. Some clients ask for something different or provide the outfit but usually it’s something conservative but sexy.

7. Trade show models…don’t lose your badge. This is what gets you in the show day after day. Make sure you have it each time you leave the convention center so you can get back in.

8. Trade show models should always offer to help the client with anything they may need. This doesn’t mean staying hours after the show to take down the booth but it does mean general assistance.

Trade shows can be a lot of fun and models are there to assist the client. Trade show models are hired because they are beautiful, intelligent and outgoing.  These are the qualities all clients can expect from a trade show model.    

Pink Avenue Models hires the best trade show models in various cities nationwide, including Chicago, New York, Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego and more!

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Team Pink Avenue