Are You Ready To Work In The Promotional Modeling Industry?

Promotional modeling has a lot of perks, but like any other job it has it’s downfalls. Make sure that you are tough and can handle working in any condition, you never know what will happen at an event. before you think about entering the modeling industry and the world of promotions ask yourself these questions.

1. Can you handle the competitive industry? Models get rejected everyday, can you take the criticism?

2. Are you going to act like a diva if you are asked to do something you don’t want to do at an event? Are you going to cry and whine if it is cold and rainy outside?

3. Can you wait months to get your check from an event?

4. Are you ready to work day and night? Sometimes extremely early and sometimes super late?

5. Are you a people person? Can you talk to anybody and everybody that you see?

6. Can you pretend to be happy, friendly, fun and outgoing even if you are in a bad mood?

7. Do you own black pants, khakis, black skirt, gym shoes and multiple pairs of black heels?

8. Can you stand at an event or trade show for 8-13 hours straight?

9. Do you have professional pictures and a resume that you can send to modeling and staffing agencies nationwide?

10. Models must have a flexible schedule, do you?

Ask yourself these questions before you get started in the modeling industry. This industry is full of beautiful, fun people that are rewarded for their work. It’s a tough industry and you must have thick skin to survive. Pink Avenue Models loves working with new talent so if you have what it takes please submit your profile at .

Team Pink Avenue