California Trade Shows – November

Pink Avenue Models is a modeling agency that is located in Chicago but staffs events nationwide. We have a lot of models and events in California so it is important for us to look ahead and be aware of all of the events going on. There are tons of trade shows coming up next month and we are ready to book our models. Here is a list of trade shows that will be in some of our favorite cities next month!

Los Angeles Convention Center!

* Amer Assn of Pharmaceutical Scientists – Annual Fall Convention. November 7-12.

* Microsoft – PDC. November 16-19.

San Diego Convention Center!

* CVC West 2009. November 5-8.

* 2009 Realtors Conference & Expo. November 13-16.

Anaheim Convention Center!

* Major League Gaming Pro Circuit. November 6-8.

* NITL & IANA Annual Meeting. November 15-17.

* American Society of Consultant Pharmacists. November 18-20.

Moscone Center, San Francisco!

* VoiceCon Fall 2009. November 2-5.

* North American Spine Society. November 10-14.

* 52nd Annual San Francisco International Auto Show. November 26- December 2.

There are so many trade shows coming up in California next month. Fall is a busy season for trade shows and Pink Avenue Models enjoy it!

Team Pink Avenue