Glamour Has Done It Again

Glamour magazine has done it again and every women in America loves them for it. In the November issue of Glamour magazine you will see a picture of 7 “plus size” models. These women are 3 to 5 sizes larger than models that are normally on the cover of magazines. So where did the idea come from? A few months ago there was a small picture of a plus sized model in Glamour and everyone loved it. Women finally could relate to a model with the same body type as them and everyone wants to see more models like this.

Some say that these women don’t even look big enough to be plus size… well in the modeling industry if you are over a size 6 you are pushed into the plus size division. They say the average woman in America is a size 14 so why are models that are a size 0 or 2 on every magazine? This is a question that will never be answered. Beauty comes in all sizes but young girls grow up thinking  that beautiful girls have to be skinny which causes low self esteem and eating disorders.

The best thing to learn from this is that all women are beautiful in their own way. There is no such thing as a perfect body. Love your self and make sure you are happy in your own skin.

Team Pink Avenue

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