Have You Dreamed Of Being A VS Supermodel? Here’s Your Chance!

I have some extremely exciting news today! Victoria’s Secret is searching for a Runway Angel to appear in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Television Special.  They are having 4 open calls, there was one in New York and Miami and the Chicago and Los Angeles castings are coming up. The judges will select 10 models to participate in a model boot camp where they will be trained to become the best. Of course there will only be one winner and the public gets to decide who wins!

With every contest there has to be rules. Are you eligible to participate in the search for the next Runway Angel?

* Must be a female and be between the ages of 18-30.

* Have to be a legal resident of the US.

* Must be 5’8” without heels.

* Models must have availability between October 29th and December 3rd.

* Models must be able to speak and write in English.

* Must be healthy.

* Models must have a clean record, can not be convicted of a crime.

* Models can not have any exclusive modeling contracts with modeling agencies.

If you fit the description make sure you enter. Models can enter online or attend the casting call. If the model chooses to enter online they must upload a 90 second video that meets the requirements. The website to upload the video is www.vsallaccess.com . This website contains all of the details of the contest. Online submissions have to be received by October 24th.

There are two more open castings, one is in Los Angeles at the W Hotel Westwood, models have to arrive between 8AM and 10AM. The open casting for Chicago will be on October 24th at the W Hotel on Lake Shore Dr.  Models must attend the open casting between 8AM-10AM. Make sure that you fill out the registration form online and bring 2 forms of ID, swimsuit and heels.

The winner of this contest will win a $5,000 Victoria’s Secret gift card and will appear walking down the runway in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Television Special.  For all of the details, registration and video upload information visit www.vsallaccess.com .

Good Luck Models!

Team Pink Avenue