Last Night On ANTM…

Last night America’s Next Top Model was on, so of course Pink Avenue Models watched it. At the start of the show only 8 models remained. The models were sent on a go see challenge and Nicole won, everyone was surprised about this. If you watch the show you can understand why people are shocked, she is a little awkward, but so good at the challenges.

 The models photo shoot had the theme of martial arts. The girls wore bright colors, intense make up, crazy hair and had to use weapons as a prop. Last night Patricia Van Oh was the guest photographer, the pictures turned out amazing! Most of the models are learning and did a great job. Nicole is amazing and I really think she will place in the final 2. Jennifer, Erin, Laura, and Brittany all looked great and posed perfectly. Kara, Sundai and even my favorite model Rae struggled with this photo shoot.

Like every week there were 2 models in the bottom 2 and Kara was sent home. The judges thought that she gave up and didn’t want it as much as all the other models. Next week the models will be sent on an interview challenge and by the looks of the preview things are not going to go very well. Remember the model that wins gets a contract with one of the biggest modeling agencies so it’s going to get very competitive.  Make sure you tune in every Wednesday for a drama filled episode of ANTM.

Team Pink Avenue