Model Tip Of The Day

Yes models are expected to have nice bodies all year round. Honestly, even models gain weight sometimes. Since summer is over and models are not expecting to wear bikinis anytime soon they might eat things they avoided all summer. Promotional models, print models, runway models, and even trade show models are hired because of their looks, body and personality. Pink Avenue Models knows that it is important for models to work out, eat right and stay healthy. We found out that there are some foods that you can eat that will burn fat for you. This doesn’t mean that you can get lazy but it is an added way that models can burn fat. Eat these foods to help burn fat without doing anything.

* Almonds. Almonds are high in alpha-linolenic acid which speed up your metabolism.

* Berries. Eating berries will help you burn up to 30% more fat while exercising.

* Oranges. You can eat oranges or drink orange juice with pulp for the best results.

* Soybeans. Eating soybeans will block fat absorption and break down fatty deposits.

* Cinnamon. You can mix this with almost anything!

* Mustard. This will slow the growth of fat tissues.

* Cheese. Calcium enriched foods reduce fat producing enzymes and will increse fat breakdown.

These foods taste great and most can be carried around in a models bag and brounght to their events. As I mentioned before eating these foods is not a work out replacement.

Team Pink Avenue